Our pride
as the owner of Sara-soba restaurant origin is Izushi, Pref Hyogo.


Homage to Izushi, the origin of Sara-soba
Passing on Izushi's traditional Sara-soba style

Sarasoba in Nagisa-an

We would like to convey the traditional Sara-soba style of Izushi, the home of Sara-soba.

Focus on Omi, Shiga

Providing local cuisine of Omi, Shiga Prefecture using local ingredients

Roasted duck breast of Omi duck

Nagisa-an’s specialty, roasted duck breast of Omi duck, is a local dish of the northern part of Shiga prefecture, known as Kohoku region.
Since the old days, ducks flew from Siberia to the Kohoku region for wintering and were caught there, and duck dishes became a local cuisine. The Omi ducks used at Nagisa-an are domestic ducks carefully raised in the rich nature and clean water of Takashima, Shiga Prefecture.

Saba-sushi made with Omi rice

Nagisa-an’s specialty, Saba-sushi made with Omi rice, is a specialty of the Saba Kaido (mackerel road) in the western part of prefecture, known as Kosei region.
Saba-sushi (mackerel sushi), one of Shiga’s most popular delicacies, is a combination of saba (mackerel) from the saba kaido (鯖街道: mackerel road) and Omi rice. Since the Heian period (794-1185), Shiga has been well versed in the handling of mackerel, as it has been known as “Saba Kaido,” or mackerel highway, since it was used to transport seafood, especially mackerel landed in Wakasa, to Kyoto. Nagisa-an uses environmentally friendly Omi rice recommended by the prefecture for its Saba-sushi. The Omi region, here with its abundant, high-quality water sources from the surrounding mountains and fertile soil, is the best for rice cultivation. The combination of “mackerel” from the mackerel road and “Omi rice,” delicious rice, has made Saba-sushi a representative local dish of Shiga. 

Lake Biwa Blue Dishes

Nagisa-an uses dishes with a blue pattern on a white background that evokes Lake Biwa. Please enjoy the contrast between the white plate and the color of Soba and the accent of the blue pattern that reminds you of Lake Biwa. This coloring is unique to a buckwheat noodle restaurant by Lake Biwa, which is particular about water.


"Nagisa-an Special Set" has become the one and only signature menu item.

The original menu “Kamo Saba sara” is a fusion of Izushi’s Sara-Soba style and Shiga’s local cuisine, and has become Nagisa-an’s specialty. The unique naming of this item has also made it very popular.

No. 1

Kamo Saba Sara

Roasted Duck Breast, Saba-sushi (Omi)×Sara-soba (Izushi)


Saba Sara

Saba-sushi(Omi)×Sara-soba (Izushi)


Kamo Sara

Roasted Duck Breast(Omi)×Sara-soba (Izushi)