Sarasoba in Nagisa-an

Soba on several small plates

Creative condiments (Yakumi) made from chicken eggs, yams, green onions, and wasabi. We have been adding to the soup since the establishment of the restaurant.
The harmony of these ingredients is the charm of this restaurant.


Representative taste of the Izushi region in northern Hyogo Prefecture

The history of soba is very old. It is said that in 1706, buckwheat noodle culture was introduced to Izushi by a buckwheat noodle (Soba) craftsman who accompanied the feudal lord Sengoku from Ueda in Shinshu, eastern Nagano Prefecture, to his new country. Later, soba was served on small white porcelain plates made of Izushi ware, which later became the style of today’s “Sarasoba”.

“Izushi” is the name of the former castle town of Izushi Castle in Toyooka City, Hyogo Prefecture, and the name of the Izushi Traditional Buildings Preservation District in Toyooka City, selected as a national Important Preservation District for Groups of Traditional Buildings.


The unique style of "Sara-soba"

Sara-soba is served in 5 elegant white dishes. The sight of several plates of soba served on small white ceramic plates with condiments (Yakumi) and soup stock is truly graceful and emotional. The sumptuous condiments are made of green onions, wasabi, yams, and chicken eggs. Nagisa-an’s broth is as thick as the condiments and has been made over 20 years since the establishment of the restaurant, with a matured flavor that is concentrated in the soup. Another feature of Sara-soba is that you can add more Soba to your heart’s content, depending on how full your stomach is.


More than 40 Sara-soba restaurants line the streets of Izushi, the birthplace of Sara-soba.

Izushi, a town popular among tourists for its little Kyoto-like atmosphere, is a small town of 1 km square lined with about 40 Soba restaurants. At lunchtime, the town is crowded with tourists eating Soba, and there are long lines at popular stores. Soba lovers can enjoy eating unique Soba from store to store in this town.